Damiin Nail and Foot File

Professional Nail & Foot Nickel File

Damiin Nail File
  • MR102 for clipping nail
    Suitable for rough horniness clipping nail and toenail with ease
  • MR101 for finishing
    For finishing horniness
  • MR100 for polishing
    For polishing nails
Adopting round surface for the first time, Damiin is designed to do nail and toenail along their curve in order to maximize the convenience and effect for user.
Made of 100% Nickel
Damiin Foot File
  • MR404 for horniness
    For rough horniness
    Suitable for cracked heel
  • MR502 for finishing
    Heel finishing use
Treating corn and horniness in dry state without soaking them in the water, Damiin can be hygienically used to diverse curved surface of foot without the risk of bacteria infection, thanks to the file stuck to curved surface.
Made of 100% Nickel